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Anubhav Mittal Case Detail, Payment Refund details, When website will start <=

Hello friends today we are back with some valuable information for the social trade users. All the latest update you want to know about social trade site. Social trade, a major trending topic of India for last few days, because the users are worried about their money. Around 7 lakh people invested their money in this company and some of those had profit from this, while some people lost their money. Who invested money in this company last 3-4 are not able to recover their money from company. Social trade was giving 7 lakh peoples money for their online work. This company is started around 1- years ago and increasing their users day by day. People enjoying their earnings from online work of just clicking few links and get paid. Until the company CEO Anubhav Mittal arrested by police for fraud.

This is bad news for all who invested in this company 3-4 months ago and for news users. Because they even can’t recovered their money which they invested. Who are working on this site from 6 months or earlier they had some profit from this. But now the main point is that will site works again or not. The police arrested Anubhav Mittal on 2nd February and in custody for 14 days. The good news is that the 5 Charges are on Anubhav Mittal out of which 3 Charges are denied, now only two are pending. These two charge are under sections 406, 420. So you have to keep patience till the case cleared, may be the site again works and all your money will be returned. Many users are asking what is the update about the Anubhav Mittal case in court.

Social Trade May Latest Case update:

  • website Status – Stopped

  • Anubhav Mittal arrested – 2 February

  • Court Case status – Hearing

  • Next Hearing date – 26 June

Latest Update About Anubhav Mittal Court Case:

Social trade users are waiting for the latest updates from the Anubhav Mittal court case. When will case hearing and what is happening, is the site works again or not. So in this article we will give you the latest information about the case. The Anubhav Mittal first case hearing date was 9th February in which 3 charges out of 5 are denied. Now only two charges are 406, 420 due to which the court gives next hearing date. Anubhav mittal submitted all the documents which requested by court. The next hearing date is not Updated yet on Anubhav Mittal case on Courts govt website. But on ATUL KR.MISHRA case the hearing date is 15 May. You can also see the Case details on official courts Government site. Follow the steps to see case details.

How to see Anubhav Mittal Case at Govt Courts Website:

1. First you have to go courts govt site from here Click Here

2. Now you will see the option to Search by CNR Number

3. Enter Anubhav Mittal CNR Number – UPLK010019062017 (Copy from here)

4. Now enter captcha words you see from captchaSocial trade latest news, anubhav mittal case update

5. Then click on search below, you will get all the details about the caseSocial trade latest news today anubhav mittal case update

6. Comment below if you don’t get anything

Latest Update on Payment Refund:

Social trade users wants to know that their money will refunded or not. As per the latest update the social trade bank accounts are seized. So if the company not works then your money will be refunded from their accounts. Don’t panic and keep patience till tomorrow, because tomorrow is Case hearing date. Let see what decision comes from court and about social trade future.

Note : Those who joined 23 January or after will get their money back, as their money is not credited to social trade accounts. This information is not confirmed yet you have to contact your bank for further details. So contact your bank and if you will get your money back, please let us know in comment for our all social trade users to get their money also.

Latest Update on Social trade website | Working or Not:

As you all know the site is not opening after the Anubhav Mittal arrested and not working yet. People wants to know that when will the site works. Site works again or shutdown permanently. From all the information we have received the site will works when the Anubhav Mittal will released from police. All the works and pending payments details will be updated on site after the release of Anubhav Mittal. So wait till tomorrow for court decision.

Note : We are not responsible for any cause or loss of money, We are just giving an information to our visitors.

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Social Trade Biz, Anubhav Mittal, No Scam, Wesupportanubhav, Socialtrade is Genuine, Release Anubhav mittal, Social Trade Zindabad

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